Easy Decal Instructions – 4 Steps to install

Decal Instructions

You’ve received a shiny new decal and you want to make sure you don’t mess up the installation. No problem, We’ve created this handy guide (decal instructions) to show you exactly how easy it is to install. Enjoy!

decal instructions
decal instructions

Step 1

Clean the surface

You don’t want to trap any dirt or other particles under the decal, so it’s very important that you clean the surface. This step will also allow you to create the best adhesion surface you can create to ensure that the decal stays on and doesn’t age improperly. Do not use window cleaner or other ammonia-based cleaners or soaps. Make sure that you give the area time to dry before applying the decal.

Step 2

Peel Back

Lay the decal face down and slowly peel away the paper. Take your time with this step and carefully check that the decal is staying on the transfer tape. You may need to rub the back of the paper backing over the decal in areas where it seems ‘stuck’.

Step 3

Apply the decal

Once you’ve removed the backing paper, carefully apply the decal to the prepared surface. Start on one side and using an old credit card or something similar to flatten and apply the decal. You are trying to avoid air bubbles, so this is a very important step.

Step 4

Remove transfer tape

Carefully remove the transfer tape by peeling it away at a 45-degree angle. Take your time and peel it away slowly, making sure that the decal stays in place and remains adhered to the surface.

Bonus step 5

Admire your handiwork

Take a moment to step back and revel in how great it feels to have just completed a beautiful installation of the decal. Take a photo of it. Also, don’t forget to leave a good review for the seller about your experience. It’s more important than you think and doesn’t cost you anything. I hope you enjoyed these decal instructions.

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The solvent-based permanent adhesive makes it a great choice for wet area applications such as boats or other outdoor places. Although you can use it on interior walls we generally recommend 631 because Series 651 has a much higher potential to cause damage when removed.

Decal instructions